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N the early period of American 
building, gutters of wood or 
"dug-outs" were widely used 
on the Colonial homes. The 
passing of years brought forth gutters of 
various metals intended to replace wood, 
but today wood gutters are more popular 
than ever before and are unsurpassed for 
beauty, permanence and economy. In 
this book we want to present for your 
approval the modern descendant of the 
old-fashioned "dug-out," the Improved 
O. G. Fir Gutter. 

Look Better 
Last Longer 
Less Expensive 





Improved O. Q. Fir Qwtters 



ROM the standpoint of beauty, 
permanence and economy, Im- 
proved O. G. Fir Gutters are 
unsurpassed by any type of 
gutter on the market. They are called 
"Improved" because they are improved 
in design, pattern and quality over other 
gutters. That is why they are rapidly 
supplanting metal gutters on all types 
of buildings using exposed or hanging 
gutters. That Improved O.G. Fir Gutters 
possess the above highly desirable qual- 
ities is easily shown. 

Look Better 

We think that you will agree that the 
straight horizontal lines and O. G. shape 
of the gutters in the illustration on the 
opposite page add much to the attractive- 
ness of the house. Beauty of form and 
design give these gutters real architectural 
merit. When desired, the Improved 
O. G. Fir Gutter can be included as a part 
of the cornice profile. 

Compare any other type of hanging 
gutter for beauty, feature by feature, 
with Improved O. G. Fir Gutters. Cer- 
tainly the O. G. Gutter is more beautiful 
than the rounded trough designs for 
even when the latter is properly installed, 
little is added to the exterior trim of the 
building. Turn to Page 9 and see the 
neat, clean-cut appearance that these 
Gutters give to various types of homes. 

Last Longer 

The second big feature of Improved 
O. G. Fir Gutters is their permanence. 
These gutters last longer than gutters of 
other types. They are made of clear, 
soft, old growth yellow fir. This means 
that these gutters, unlike metal gut- 
ters, cannot corrode or disintegrate when 
exposed to smoke, fumes, acids or natural 
elements. They will not contract nor 
expand under varying weather conditions. 
Nor will they be blown loose from the 
building by high winds. An Improved 
O. G. Fir Gutter, once installed, can be 
depended upon to remain in excellent 
service for many years to come. 

Less Expensive 

The third great feature of Improved 
O. G. Fir Gutters is their economy. Not 
only are they economical in first cost but 
with the use of this gutter no roof mould 
is necessary. Another economy is found 
in the painting of the gutter. This can 
be accomplished with the same paint and 
at the same time the house is painted. 
The biggest economy of the Improved 
O. G. Fir Gutter is in its durability or 
lasting property. This gutter in many 
cases has lasted better than 25 years while 
the average metal gutter, owing to dis- 
integration and corrosion, must be re- 
placed every few years at a duplication 
of the original cost. Why not, therefore, 
install Improved O. G. Fir Gutters once 
and save these replacement costs? 



HE Improved O. G. Fir Gutter 
is replacing gutters of metal. 
This is particularly true where 
1 the gutter is to be used on 
buildings subjected to fumes, smoke or acid 
vapors such as railroad buildings. 

The reason for this return to wood 
lies in the fact that metal gutters, regard' 
less of the metal, cannot stand up under 
the above corrosive and deteriorating 
factors. Not only do chemical changes 
take place in exposed metals, but the 
latter are subject to contraction and 
expansion in temperature extremes. Wood 
on the other hand is not affected by cor' 
roding elements nor is it subject to expan' 
sion or contraction due to temperature 

The ordinary galvanized metal is most 
susceptible to corrosion and deteriora- 
tion. Water has a rapid deteriorating 
action on zinc in the presence of air. 
Galvanizing is frequently poor, breaks 
down and exposes the basic metal which 
is usually of too thin a gauge to resist 
the elements for any length of time and 
hence quickly gives way to rust. Gutters 
of this type last but a few years and 
must be replaced often. Galvanized gutters 
are subject to expansion and contraction, in 
many cases leading to the breaking of joints. 

Copper gutters are expensive. Copper 
oxidizes quickly in hot climates, while 
in moderate climates it takes on a coating 

of carbonate of copper and turns green. 
Copper, however, is less subject to cor' 
rosion and is subject to some expansion 
and contraction since its coefficient of 
expansion is .000017. 

The use of lead for gutters is very ex- 
pensive. Lead has the high coefficient of 
expansion of .000029 which makes it likely 
to creep or pull open at joints when ex' 
posed to extreme temperatures. Soft 
water, containing decaying vegetable mat' 
ter, such as leaves, forms nitrates which 
decompose lead very quickly. 

Dampness, combined with soot and 
smoke, has a rapid deteriorating action on 
metal gutters. Experiments have proven 
that in some cities where there is a great 
deal of smoke, gutters of metal must be 
replaced two or three times as often as 
in other places. 

The chemistry of the action of smoke, 
soot, acid fumes and gases on the various 
kinds of metal gutters would occupy a vol' 
ume; sufficient to say here that extensive 
investigations on the part of railways have 
proven that the wood gutter is not affected 
by these disintegrating agencies. 

Inasmuch as Improved O. G. Fir Gut' 
ters, made of old growth, yellow fir, are 
not affected by any of the above deterior- 
ating factors and are free from expansion 
and contraction, it is easily understood 
why they outlast and are rapidly 
replacing gutters of metal. 


THE gutter shown at the left is an old' 
fashioned wood "dug-out" that has 
been in place on this building for over 70 
years without the least attention. It has 
withstood 70 winters of ice and snow. 
Being nailed up with hand-made nails, it 
has successfully baffled wind and storm 
for a normal life-time and is still giving 

Soft yellow fir, such as is used in Im- 
proved O. G. Fir Gutters, has been known 
toresist75 years of exposure without paint- 
ing. This is the case for wood gutters. 
Now compare this with gutters of metal. 

ALL of us have seen metal gutters like 
L the one at the right. This particular 
gutter has been up only a few years. A 
thin gauge metal, poorly galvanized, it 
has rusted through. The snow and ice 
have torn it loose so that it flaps dis- 
consolately in the winter winds, a mute 
evidence of the inability of most metal 
gutters to withstand the elements. Where 
such gutters are exposed to smoke, fumes 
or acids, the deterioration is even faster 
and more pronounced. 

Compare these two photographs care- 
fully and then draw your own conclusions 
as to the respective merits of wood and 
metal gutters. 

Improved o. g. Fir Gutters 

add the finishing touch to a 
beautiful home. Beautiful when 
installed, they will be just 
as attractive in many years to come. 
Their construction and their harmony of 
design blend into almost any architectural 
style. They offer the architect or the 
builder a means of putting originality and 
finish into his work. They fit into any type 
of architecture as though they were de- 
signed especially for that particular type. 

The graceful curves and the straight 
horizontal lines of this Improved O. G. 
Fir Gutter add to the appearance of the 
finish of the home. The Gutter can 
also be included as a part of the cornice 

The photographs of the three houses 
on the opposite page confirm, we believe, 
what we have said about the clean-cut, 
neat appearance and the beauty of the 
finishing touch given to a home by the 
use of Improved O. G. Fir Gutters. 
Notice how they blend with other archi- 
tectural details to form a pleasing finish 
to these homes. Notice, too, how they are 
equally beautiful and appropriate for 
either brick or frame construction. 

Beauty That Lasts 

The beauty of a wood gutter lasts. 
Perhaps you have seen gutters that have 

been ruined, before the house is occupied, 
by having a heavy ladder thrown against 
the soft, yielding metal. Improved O. G. 
Fir Gutters cannot be destroyed or dam- 
aged by ladders, for they are so strong 
and rigid that carpenters can scaffold 
from these gutters or walk upon them. 
Snow slides and heavy winds do not tear 
them off. There are no soldered joints to 
pull apart due to water freezing in the 
gutter, or expansion or contraction under 
temperature extremes. It is this perman- 
ence that gives them a lasting beauty 
assured by no other gutter. 

For Any Type of Building 

The possibilities for the use of Im- 
proved O. G. Fir Gutters are not limited 
to certain types of homes or buildings. 
Because of their neat appearance and 
graceful shape, they are equally appro- 
priate for either a cottage or a mansion. 
Because of their economy and the same 
beauty, they can be used on a public 
building or a barn. In fact, these gutters 
are already widely used on public build- 
ings and by rural contractors. Their range 
of usefulness is limited only to buildings 
where hanging gutters are not to be used. 
Type of construction is no bar to the 
use of Improved O. G. Fir Gutters. They 
can be adapted to frame, brick or stucco 
with equally pleasing results. 


Improved O. G. Gutters 

ma\e a neat appearance 

on this house 

These gutters conform to 
any type or style of 
cornice construction 

Where Improved O. G. 

Gutters add neatness and 

assure permanence 

The Choice of Many Railroad* 

NE of the most significant fea- 
tures of Improved O. G. Fir 
Gutters is their growing popu- 
larity among railroads. Seven- 
teen different railroad lines are now using 
these gutters. This fact in itself speaks 
volumes for their merits. 

Metal gutters on railroad buildings 
were short lived. The smoke and gases 
had a disastrous effect upon the metal, 
causing it to corrode and disintegrate in a 
very short space of time. The continual 
replacement of these gutters was extreme- 
ly expensive. In searching for a solution 
to the gutter problem these railroads 
tested Improved O. G. Fir Gutters and 
found that they would last for years on 
railroad buildings, being absolutely un- 
affected by the disintegrating factors 
peculiar to railroad property. They were 
also pleased with the Improved O. G. Fir 
Gutter's neat appearance and architectural 

As we see it, there is a lesson in this 
preference of railways for these particular 
gutters. The railway engineer approves 
only such materials as can meet with 
most exacting quality tests and architec- 
tural fitness. Under railway use, Im- 
proved O. G. Fir Gutters are subjected 
to average building conditions plus de- 
teriorating and corroding factors that 
eliminate the best of metal gutters. If 
Improved O. G. Fir Gutters stand up 
under these tests we believe that they 
will meet the approval of the most exact- 

ing architect, builder or home owner and 
will render the utmost in satisfaction. 
And if the railroads find them the most 
economical we are sure that the average 
building owner will be doubly pleased 
with their economy and long life. 

On the opposite page are shown several 
railway passenger and freight stations 
equipped with Improved O. G. Fir Gut- 

Here is a list of railroads using Im- 
proved O. G. Fir Gutters: 

Atlantic Coast Line Railroad Company 

Pennsylvania Railroad Company 

New York, Chicago & St. Louis Railroad 

Chicago & Northwestern Railway 

The Cleveland, Cincinnati, Chicago &? 

St. Louis Ry. Company 
The Delaware & Hudson Company 
The Nashville, Chattanooga & St. Louis 

Railway Company 
East Carolina Railway Company 
Toronto, Hamilton 6? Buffalo Railway 

Pere Marquette Railway Company 
The Wheeling & Lake Erie Railway 


Maryland 6? Pennsylvania Railroad Com- 
Atlanta & West Point Railroad Company 
The Chicago, Rock Island 6? Pacific Rail- 
way Company 
The Western Railway of Alabama 
Central of Georgia Railway Company 
Florida East Coast Railway Company 


The gutters on this beautiful piece of architecture certainly help to maintain that beauty 

Improved O. G. 
Gutters added 
the finishing 
touch and an 
assured perman- 
ence to these 

The permanence 

of the gutters on 

this station has 

been assured 

Freight stations profit architecturally and economically 
by the use of these gutters 




\E strongly recommend setting 
all gutters level for architec- 
tural and practical reasons. Ar- 
chitecturally — so that straight 
horizontal lines can be retained. Prac- 
tically — because water will always seek 
its own level and find its outlet at the 
leader spouts. Short length gutters re- 
quire one leader. Long length gutters 
require one or more, according to the 
area of roof to be drained. 

If desired, the gutter can be set with 
slight pitch at the sacrifice of architec- 
tural appearance; this can be done by 
setting the leader end of gutter slightly 
lower; or another method is to spring 
the gutter slightly lower at both ends 
than it is at the center, which can be 
readily done, due to the long lengths of our 
gutters, with a leader at each end. 

For connecting down spouts, making 
spliced joints and miters, we would 
recommend the use of the following speci- 
fications : 

All gutters whose finished length will 
require joints shall be spliced as follows: 
The two pieces to be joined should be 
cut on a bevel to fit closely and the joint 
should be sealed together with white 
lead or roof cement and secured firmly 
with two 3-inch brass screws with coarse 
thread at bottom and two j^-inch brass 
screws at top. The screw heads shall 
be counter-sunk and puttied. 


>(ote— Improved O. G. Fir Gutters are 
furnished in lengths as long as 40 feet in 
either size; the necessity of a joint may 
therefore be avoided on the ordinary size 

All miter joints shall be constructed 
in the same manner as the spliced joints. 

Leader down spouts — Where located 
on the drawings, provide opening for 
leader downspouts. Type of downspout 
is left to the discretion of the architect, 
contractor or builder. 

Improved O. G. Fir Gutters do not 
require mineral paints. Use same paint 
as for rest of house. Painting of the 
gutters can be done at the same time that 
the house is painted and by the same 
painters. While it is not essential to 
have them creosoted, if desired, gutters 
can be furnished already treated, at a 
small additional cost. 

The foregoing specifications apply to 
the installation of gutters as shown by 
drawings or details on opposite page. 
Experience has taught us that our gutters 
so applied make a neat, practical job. 
However, we fully realize that architects 
may have different ideas in drawing 
plans and specifications and mechanics 
and contractors may have their own good 
ideas for making various kinds of miters 
and joints based on their knowledge and 
experience, which manner when applied, 
may be equally practical. Complete details 
together with specifications are given in 
Sweet's Architectural Catalog. 

I 13 

HE Improved O. G. Fir Gutter 
made of clear, soft, old 


growth yellow fir that is very 
strong and durable; selected 
for texture and triple inspected. 

Soft Yellow Fir has an enviable reputa- 
tion for withstanding weather and resist- 
ing corroding or disintegrating elements 
such as smoke, acid fumes, soot, etc. It 
cannot expand or contract under tempera- 
ture changes. 

A house in the Willamette Valley in 
Oregon, built of Fir, has stood for 75 
years without a coat of paint. This house 
shows no signs of rot and the window 
frames made of soft, yellow fir are as sound 
as a dollar. This is the same wood that 
is used in our Improved O. G. Fir Gutter. 

The photograph below shows a Lumber 
Jack topping a Fir. From these tall, 

straight, giants of the forest, our mills on 
the Pacific Coast cut out the rough, clear 
gutter stock. The straightness and great 
height enable us to cut out gutters from 
10 to 40 feet in length, mostly long 
lengths. Stock sizes are 3X5-inch, 4x6-inch 
and 5X7-inch, in the rough (For finished 
sizes, see page 12). 

The milling of Improved O. G. Fir 
Gutters gives a uniformity in size and 
pattern at all times. Improved O. G. Fir 
Gutters will not warp or spring out of 
shape, but, once installed, stay in perfect 
alignment. They are free from defects 
of any kind. Many years of use will 
show no change in the appearance of 
Improved O. G. Fir Gutters. From our 
warehouse stock, at Cadiz, Ohio, these 
gutters are loaded into cars, as shown 
in the photograph on this page, covered 
with rubber roofing for protection in 
transit and shipped over a wide scope of 
territory covering many states and parts 
of Canada. We carry a stock of approxi- 
mately half a million feet to assure prompt 
deliveries at all times. 

C 14 3 



MPROVED O. G. Fir Gutters 
have the well-deserved praise 
of many architects, builders 
and railways. Furthermore, 
detail Lumber Dealers" Associations have 
endorsed them. When you have used 
Improved O. G. Fir Gutters, we believe 
that you, too, will endorse them as O. K., 
making them your standard. 

Considering the many advantages ot 
Improved O. G. Fir Gutters, point by 
point, their superiorities are so numerous 
that you cannot well afford not to use 
them on your next building. Just remem- 
ber that Improved O. G. Fir Gutters look 
better, that they last longer and that they 
are less expensive than any other gutter. 

There is no uncertainty attached to the 
use of Improved O. G. Fir Gutters. You 
can bank on it when you put them up 
that they are going to stay up for many 
years. You know beforehand that they 
won't corrode or disintegrate, even if 
they are subjected to smoke, soot, fumes 
and acid vapors. When the wind blows 
its hardest, you are assured that your Im- 
proved O. G. Fir Gutters will not be on 
the ground or flapping in the wind but 
will remain snugly attached to the build- 
ing. With Improved O. G. Fir Gutters 
on a house you can mark gutters off of 
your list of necessary replacements and 

There is but ONE Improved O.G. Fir Gutter 





repairs on the building. And don't forget 
that the house itself will look trimmer and 
neater and better for the use of these 

When a metal gutter has failed and must 
be replaced, do that replacing with an Im- 
proved O. G. Fir Gutter instead of 
another metal gutter. By so doing you will 
be insuring yourself against another re- 
placement within a few years. Almost as 
many of these gutters are used for replac- 
ing metal gutters as are used for new 
installations on new buildings. 

When planning your next house or 
building, be sure to settle the gutter 
problem once and for all by installing 
Improved O. G. Fir Gutters. For any 
additional information write to 





The above photograph is a bird's-eye view of 

the warehouse of E. M. Long 6? Sons at Cadiz, 

Ohio. Over a half-million feet of assorted 

sizes and lengths of Improved O. G. 

Fir Gutters are carried in 

stock to assure prompt